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PT. Oscar Tunastama Indonesia

MCB / Miniature Circuit Breaker C60H-DC 2 Kutub 10A A9N61528
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IDR 1250000.00

Specification of

MCB / Schneider Miniature Circuit Breaker

PT Oscar Tunastama is a company engaged in electrical.
The product offered by one of them is Schneider MCB IEC 60947-2: 10 kA
Recommended for use in electricity distribution in buildings and industries.

  •                         Curve C (magnetically trips between 5 and 10 ln)
  •                         Module width per pole = 18 mm
  •                         Suitable for applications:

                                       - Commercial and industrial buildings
                                       - Power supply: Industrial automations, auxiliary circuits for medium voltage, battery charging and UPS, power system safety, telecommunications applications
                                       - Transport: trains, electric vehicles, ship applications
                                       - Power plants: photovoltaic, wind, nuclear

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