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There are several causes of fire that is common today, one of the causes is the use of Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is not good (False). PT. Oscar Tunastama Indonesia Jual MCB Schneider Cheap but not cheap, the original guarantee of the products we sell will certainly provide a sense of security to you against your electrical installation. The true MCB is having a mechanical switch capable of connecting, draining, and deciding electric current automatically due to the occurrence of interference or abnormal conditions such as overload or short circuit. The use of an MCB that does not meet the standards can result in a fire.Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is one of the important components in home electrical installation. PT. Oscar Tunastama Indonesia sells cheap quality Schneider MCB, which has a function as a protection system in electrical installations when there is more load and short circuit of electrical current (short circuit or short circuit).If you are looking for a company that sells Selling MCB Schneider Murah, PT. Oscar Tunastama Indonesia sells various types and types of MCB Schneider You can choose according to your needs. For information on price specifications and other details. 

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