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Selling Cheap Schneider Contactors

When a relay is used to divert a large amount of electrical power through its contact, it is designated by a special name: Contactor. Contactor usually has several contacts, and the contact usually (but not always) opens normally, so the power to the load is turned off when the coil is released. Perhaps the most common industrial use for Contactor is electric motor control. PT. Oscar Tunastama Indonesia Offers Cheap Contact Schneider who is fully consistent with the entire Acti 9 range, our DIN Contactor rails with electrical controls help you efficiently control the electrical circuits in industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

Contactor comes in various forms with various capacities and features. Unlike circuit breakers, Contactor is not meant to interrupt short circuits. Contactor ranges from having a current breaking several amperes to thousands of amperes and 24 V DC to many kilovolts. Contactor's physical size ranges from a device small enough to take with one hand, to a large device about one meter on the side.

Contactors are used to control electric motors, lighting, heaters, bank capacitors, thermal evaporators, and other electrical loads.

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